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Current desktop setup


A long time ago, there was X11 and dwm. Then there was Sway. Now there’s X11 and dwm again.

My setup has stayed mostly the same for the past two or three years, with some major changes in between but not enough to disrupt my workflow which I’ve come to think that I’ve perfected for myself in that time.

I’ll always be nitpicky about my software, and I would like to eventually use mostly software I’ve written (or at least worked on) myself pretty much everywhere however that is damn near impossible.

So until I’ve written several X11 applications, a web browser, coreutils, and all of that, I introduce to you, my current setup.


I have two servers on the go: aka, and ichigo. They are a Raspberry Pi 2, and a Raspberry Pi 3 respectively. They both run Alpine Linux.

Both are responsible for several services, which were previously listed here if you care but you probably don’t.


On my old phone, people complained about the battery life being so bad. On that phone, I removed a lot of bloat, there was no Google anything (asides from Android), most Samsung bloat was gone; I was pulling a week of battery life out of it at it’s prime. I also don’t use my phone much, that probably helps too.

I do have a pmOS phone however it is not my daily driver as there are numerous issues with it. sxmo doesn’t work very well on it so I decided to just write dotfiles myself.


I use a private Yggdrasil network to talk to other machines I own without worrying about the danger of the open Internet. It is quite a useful setup once you have two nodes that are publicly accessible to get into your network, since the places I go sometimes block my home IP.

It allows me to access my home network from almost anywhere.